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قلادة متنقلة لتنقية الهواء

قلادة متنقلة لتنقية الهواء

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Portable air purifier necklace (mobile electronic mask)

Model number: JNK-001

Function: In addition to formaldehyde
Power source: USB, AC
Use environment: home
Control method: push-button
Application area: below 10㎡
Filter type: None
Working principle: Anion

1. Anion effectively purifies the air and removes PM2.5, dust, harmful substances, viruses, bacteria, etc.

2. Particularly suitable for children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with allergies and odor sensitive to pollen

3. Effectively control bacterial infections around people, and keep away from respiratory diseases, etc.

4. 28 hours of continuous use on a single charge

5. Special protection for pregnant women and children vulnerable to air infection

6. Purify the surrounding environment anytime, anywhere

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